Flying Tonkatsu Concert 2018

A Vancouver based music ensemble that arranges and performs anime soundtracks. Being excited about anime and the music within, their repertoire includes loyal interpretations of background music from your favourite anime shows as well as arrangements from popular series. Through the musical instruments, the group hopes to recreate and share beautiful and memorable moments from anime across eras and genres.

Friday, August 3, 7:30pm to 8:30pm, Ballroom A – Main Events

We are a group of avid professional and semi-professional musicians who enjoy arranging music. We have performed at Anime Evolution 2016, Anime Revolution 2017 as well as Bellingham Convention Spring 2017.

Program Highlight: Pure Insanity Show

The Pure Insanity Show Banner

Showtime: Friday, Aug 17, 2012 from 5:30-7:30pm in the main events room.

This ridiculous raucous show is a paradoxical parody of mind numbingly insane proportions! Jeremy will be performing several of his parody songs relating to the state of anime and the industry, and also poke a little fun at fandom in general. So, if you want to know what Nyan Cat and Nicki Minaj have in common, check us out! If you have a hatred for all things 4KIDS and enjoy Beyonce, give us a gander! If you ever wanted to slap some annoying anime characters in the face while listening to Rihanna, our show is where it’s at! Plus, watch a few skits performed by the Kamloops Anime Club a.k.a. Pure Insanity Enterprises!

Here’s a preview of their performance at Otafest 2011