and Regulations //

The Operations Staff will enforce the Three Strike Rule when any of the following rules are violated and will result in termination from the convention grounds. If necessary, the proper authorities will be contacted depending on the severity of the misconduct.
  • All attendees must respect themselves, others, and the convention grounds by abiding the Vancouver Convention Exhibition Centre Rules;
  • No verbal, physical, and/or cyber aggression
  • No damaging any VCEC property or vandalizing;
  • No foul, insulting, racial, inappropriate language and behaviour;
  • Bicycles, skateboards, scooters or similar devices are not permitted on convention grounds;
  • Assistance animals only (please see policies below);
  • No sexual misconduct, harassment, and inappropriate touching;
  • No indecent exposure (please see policies below);
  • Engaging in any activities against BC Laws and Regulations;
  • Distribution of merchandise(s) or printed material without the consent of Anime Revolution President.

Convention Policies and Regulations

Alcohol Consumption Alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited. All participants are required to be sober while attending the convention. Staff and volunteers are given the right to deny attendee entry to the convention if they appear to have had prior consumption of alcohol. Anyone found to be suspicious of intoxication at the convention will be asked to leave the premises. Repeated violations of the alcohol consumption policy at the convention may result in confiscation of the violator’s pass.

Service animals are welcome to attend the event. Please be aware, there are not many areas around the convention centre for your service animal to relieve themselves, please plan accordingly. Any person or service animal that harasses and/or causes physical harm to anyone, their property, and/or the facilities at the event, may be asked to leave the facility.

If attending with a service animal, we appreciate advance notice so we can advise our onsite teams accordingly.

Appearance, Costumes, Cosplays and Props
Anime Revolution is an event that is open to the public of all ages. Those who do not obey the following will be asked to change, leave the convention area and/or subject to the Three Strike penalty.
  • Passes must be visible on costumes at all times. If an attendees’ pass is not shown, they must be prepared to show their pass to a staff or volunteer upon request;
  • For safety concerns, all attendees are required to wear footwear (no socks or bare feet) on convention grounds;
  • Costumes must not be of harm to the public; this can/may include: sharp and pointy objects, hazardous and harmful materials, large obstructing objects, etc. Please see our Weapons Policy for more details and for Peace Bonding information;
  • No indecent exposure. Any see-through material on any private area is strictly prohibited, and please ensure that your cosplay is securely intact;
  • Use discretion on cosplay content. Anime Revolution has the right to ask attendees to change/leave if their cosplay is deemed inappropriate or offensive;
  • It is recommended that all attendees dress appropriately for the weather (rain, shine, temperature) on convention days. Washrooms are available for changing if necessary.
  • Yaoi paddles are not to be permitted in convention grounds.
  • Carrying signs that solicit services such as “Free Hugs” and “Will kiss for Pocky!” are not permitted and will be confiscated.
Please note that a coat check will be available for those needing a place to store their belongings.

According to VCEC bylaw, “It is not permissible for any food and beverage to be purchased or brought in from off-site and served in the facility, regardless of quantity.” Page 35 of the Facility Services Guide 2012.

Guest Etiquette and Autographs
Please respect the privacy and personal space of all guests, as well as to those waiting to see the guest. Not all guests may want their pictures taken, so please ask for permission before doing so. Any misconduct will be subjected to the Three Strike Penalty.

Harassment and Assault
All attendees are asked to treat all participants, staff and volunteers with dignity and respect. Staff and volunteers will be attentive to anyone participating in harassment or assault and preserve the right to ask in-compliant attendees to leave the premises while confiscating passes. Harassment and assault consists of but is not limited to the following:
  • Physical assault or abuse;
  • Unwelcomed comments about a person’s appearance, age, religion, race or sex;
  • Anything that induces embarrassment, endanger a person’s safety, or demoralize other’s sense of self-worth;
  • Undesired physical contact;
  • Provocative actions to encourage negative and hostile environments
Attendees should not hesitate to ask staff or volunteers for assistance if they feel or see others uncomfortable due to harassment or danger of assault.

Illegal Substances
Attendees found in possession of illegal substances will be detained, have their passes revoked and reported to authorities.

Any items that are purchased inside or outside Anime Revolution can be placed at the Coat Check, or an alternate safe location (eg. hotel room, car). Anime Revolution will not be responsible for any lost or stolen items. While weapons (such as yaoi paddles) may be available for purchase in the vendor’s area, they are to be:
  • Stored at the seller’s booth until designated time for volunteer or staff to walk the buyers and merchandises off the premises or to be stored in coat check;
  • Peace bonded by A.S.T. Staff;
  • Not used/engaged in any activity.
For more information on Weapons, please see our Weapons Policy.

Passes should be treated as cash! Anime Revolution will not be held responsible for lost, stolen or damaged passes. The passes must be visible at all times throughout the convention and all attendees must prepare to show them to any staff or volunteer upon request.

Passes are NON-TRANSFERABLE and NON-REFUNDABLE – All sales are final – No exceptions.

Sharing a badge is NOT PERMITTED and will be subject to immediate confiscation.

All staff has the right to question any suspicious (damaged, marked, obscure, or illegible), and/or potential counterfeits and it will be held for inspection. Any passes that are found counterfeit will be confiscated, and its holder banned from the premises.

Please note that any VIP that do not show up 10 minutes before panel/event will forfeit their rights to the priority seating.

All attendees are required to have a government issued ID (BC ID, driver’s license, passport… etc.) with them at all times. Go-Cards and other school identification are eligible as at-con identification and pass pick up as long as the picture is clear and is used in conjunction with a Care Card or a legible photocopy version of your birth certificate (both pieces of identification must match in name). Bus passes are not eligible as at-con identification or for pass pick up.

Photography and Video
Some events may not allow photos or video recordings. Please confirm with the panel/event coordinator prior to taking any photos and recordings.

We ask all attendees to obtain consent and be courteous before taking any pictures of any guests, and other cosplayers/attendees.

Sleeping in VCEC
No sleeping in the convention area.

All indoor and outdoor spaces within a 7.5 m perimeter of the Vancouver Convention Centre are non-smoking areas. This is in accordance with the City of Vancouver Health By-Law #9535 and as required by LEED building standards.

Substance Abuse
Substance abuse is defined as an overindulgence in or dependence on an addictive substance. Identification of potentially harmful levels of legal substance abuse will result in warnings. Repeated disregard for warnings will result in either confiscation of the substance or convention access restriction.

All staff and volunteers will be attentive to thefts. Attendees are asked to please pay close attention to their own belongings and avoid bringing unnecessary valuables. Anime Revolution is not liable for losses due to theft. Any persons caught in the act of theft will be reported to the authorities and banned from convention grounds.

Three Strikes Penalty / Warnings System

1st Strike or Warning: The attendee is given a strict warning to cease whatever rule breach or inappropriate action immediately (including any violation of the weapon rules above). Any Staff Member or supervisors may give a strike or warning and mark the attendee badge once.

2nd Strike or Warning: When a second strike or warning is issued, only Supervisors and Executives may mark the badge the second time and issue the second warning.

3rd Strike or Warning (Final Strike): The attendee is given a strict warning to cease whatever action they were doing that caused the strike or warning, immediately. Upon the decision of  Anime Revolution Executive Staff Member they may mark the attendee’s badge a third time and revoke it. (A serious violation of the weapons rules may result in a 3rd strike on a first offense) The Executive Member will talk to and inform the attendee why he is having his badge revoked and informed that he must leave the convention immediately. The attendee will be escorted out of the convention and off convention grounds.