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Can Ngo
President, CEO

Reynold Raj


Stephanie Dinh – Communications
Sidney Chu – Marketing
Ken Cam – Operations
Radius Kuntoro – Guest Relations
Jeremy Androsoff – Programming

Can Ngo
代表取締役社長, CEO

Reynold Raj


Stephanie Dinh – コミュニケーションズ
Sidney Chu – マーケティング
Ken Cam – オペレーションズ
Radius Kuntoro – ゲストリレーションズ
Jeremy Androsoff – プログラミング

Mailing Address:

Anime Revolution Events Inc.
#1028-2480 E. Hastings
British Columbia
V5K 1Z1

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Hours of Operation:

Thursday: 1pm-7pm (Early Pass Pickup)
Friday: 10am-12am (ticket office opens 9am)
Saturday: 10am-1am (ticket office opens 9am)
Sunday: 10am-7pm (ticket office opens 9am)

Vendor Hall Hours:

Friday: TBA
Saturday: TBA
Sunday: TBA

Event Location

Vancouver Convention Centre – West Wing
1055 Canada Place
Vancouver, BC V6C 0C3