Senkaku Mei 千革 メイ

Meet Senkaku Mei 千革 メイ, the mascot for Anime Revolution! Clad in her race queen outfit, she strives to promote and spread the love for Anime and Japanese Culture. Her name is derived from 千革命 [pronounced sen kakumei] which literally translates to “A thousand revolutions.” 先覚 [pronounced Senkaku] also means “Pioneer.”

  • Nickname: Senmei (pun of Senbei 煎餅 which are Japanese rice crackers)
  • Age: 19 years old
  • Birthday: July 16
  • Height: 5’ 6”
  • Favourite Food: Choco-banana, parfait, okonomiyaki.
  • Hobbies: Gaming, Cooking (although she’s bad at it), Online Shopping


Senmei is a blunt, spontaneous, energetic attention grabber who acts as the mascot for Anime Revolution! Found usually dressed in her racequeen outfit- Senmei takes every opportunity to be in the center of everyone’s attention! She has two mini megaphones that she utilizes to either catch everyone’s attention, or keep the crowd in check. Although she seems to be quite confident on the outside, Senmei is actually very shy and always ends up regretting or being extremely embarrassed of her antics! She will do whatever it takes to make sure people do not discover this side of her however! In her free time, Senmei is usually found loafing around and playing games all day. Even though she emits a strong aura of unreliability, Senmei always pulls through in important situations where you least expect it!

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