Anirevo Guests
of Honour //

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Notes //

Please be respectful of our guests and other attendees. Always ask for permission before taking photos or approaching someone. Refrain from making any physical contact without consent.

Please keep your conversation brief if the line is long. This will allow the best chance for everyone in the line to meet the guest. Bringing a gift or fan letters is typically ok. However, management or the guests' handler will make the final call on whether a gift may be accepted. Please keep the gift small as it may be difficult to bring back to their home countries.
Do not ask inappropriate or 18+ questions as most Q&A session are all ages.
Do not ask personal, private, or controversial questions.
All guests maintain the right to refuse answering questions.
Frequently asked questions

Procedures //

  • Please make sure to accommodate or potential delays and rescheduling of autograph sessions
  • Popular autograph sessions will have a 'pre-line' up queue. Make sure to check the session between 30min to 1hr ahead of time
  • In some rare cases, lining up for a session does NOT guarantee that you'll be able to obtain an autograph
With that said, Anirevo will do its best to insure that as many fans as possible get their autographs.

  • When your turn for autographs is coming up, make sure you have the item you want autographed out of your bag and in your hands so that a staff/volunteer can inspect that it is appropriate to autograph. Anirevo and guests reserve the right to decline autographs for items deemed inappropriate (includes bootleg, adult, and graphic materials).
  • Please follow staff/volunteer instructions to ensure that the lineup flows smoothly. Also please note that some guests will charge for autographs, while others will not.
  • When it's your turn, please have the item ready to be autographed. For example, if your item is a book or DVD and you want it autographed on the inside, please have it opened up. While the guest is autographing your item, you can say a few words and exchange a short conversation with them, but if there is a lineup behind you, please refrain from having a prolonged conversation so that all attendees have an equal opportunity to meet their guest.
  • Once the guest is finished with their autograph, please pick up your item and exit the Autograph area.

Photo Booth
  • You will need to purchase a Photo Booth ticket ($30), which will be available beside the Photo Booth section.
  • You are allowed to purchase Photo Booth tickets at any time on the day of each guest's Photo Booth session.
  • When it is your turn for the Photo Booth, follow the instructions of the staff/volunteers. You will need to put down your personal belongings in a basket during the photo opportunity, and you can pick them back up after taking the photo.
  • Please allow some time for your photo to be printed (you may be given a pick-up time for your photo if the Photo Booth area is congested).