Artist Alley 2018

Want to purchase some jaw-dropping fanart of your favourite series to decorate those bland walls of yours? Look no further! Come by the vendor hall and check out the amazing works of all the artists at Anirevo 2018.

Full list of artists can be found below:
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Featured Artist: Miooo


Hi. everyone : ) this is a happy artist+gamer based in Vancouver : )
Miooo is my name as always @_@…
My booth number at Artist Alley is #27 this year : )
Welcome everyone come and visit me & all my art works, and all my kawaiii の helpers^_^..~~
*At least  you can see color versions of all the cuties in the image here at my booth~@_@~*
Hope everyone will enjoy the convention : ) & have happy memories during the summer at Vancouver : )

Miooo - 001

Featured Artist: Kurot

Websites: &

Artist’s comment: It’s gunna be my first time going to Anime Revolution! I can’t wait and let’s have fun!


Cuffs/Sphere/CUBE 『CAFE SOURIRE』 School Calendar cover
Cuffs/Sphere/CUBE 『CAFE SOURIRE』 School Calendar cover



Featured Artist: Kamaniki

Websites: &

Artist’s comment: I like drawing girls! My time mostly consists of drawing, gaming, eating and sleeping. I’ll be in the Artist Alley again this year selling 11″x17″ Posters, feel free to stop by and say hi!


Kamaniki - Swordart AR


Featured Artist: Kiki Mahuta

Name: Kiki Mahuta / Atomic-Clover


Kiki is a traditional artist who uses Prismacolor Markers to make an assortment of artwork ranging from posters and prints, to buttons, bookmarks, and cell phone charms.  The content of her art ranges from OCs, to Comics, Supernatural, Squeenix, and various anime. She hails all the way from Wisconsin and loves beer and gay things. Come on by table 06 and say hi!!




Featured Artist: Tiffany Lei

Name: Tiffany Lei (KAGE Productions)

Websites: &

Artist’s comment: Hi Everyone! I’m an animator and published mangaka. I’m working on an anime trailer for a series in development (not to mention 3 graphic novels) so come by my booth and check out my stuff! I also dabble in making high quality Lolita accessories like headdresses, chokers and wrist cuffs. I’d love to meet you all so ask me anything! Maybe we can work together! I’m always looking for wonderful talent to collaborate with on various projects- and love to share ideas and stories. Additionally I’ll be taking on-the-spot commissions at my table including paper fans, paper lanterns, sketches and more. See you at Anime Revolution!


Summer Elf


Featured Artist: Doomfest

Our featured artist, Doomfest / Softmode, is none other than the winner of the 2013 Senmei Fanart Contest!

Websites: &

Artist’s Comment: I like it when soft, squishy things like cute girls meet hard, cool things like robots and cityscapes, so I try to draw stuff that fits that 0 3 0. I will be selling 11×17″ (mostly) fanart prints and maybe doing some requests!


Doomfest - Winter Waverly Magical Girls
Winter Waverly Magical Girls (click to enlarge)



Featured Artist: Bottlewonderland

Websites: &

Artist’s comment: I’m an artist that is also working to be part of the film industry. I’ll be in the Artist Alley first time at AR so visiting would be great! ;u;


Bottlewonderland - My Neighbor Totoro

Featured Artist: Ven Seun

Artist’s Name: Ven Seun / Mind Crash


Artist’s Comment: Is excited to be returning to Anime Revolution. Can’t wait to see you all there!

 Ven Seun - Her Song



Featured Artist: Zzyzzyy


Artist’s Comment: Hi this is Zzyzzyy from Toronto, can’t wait to see you all at AR2013!

Zzyzzyy - AOT Dream Team (1)
AoT Dream Team: Mikasa, Eren, and Rivaille from Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan)