Artist Alley 2018

Posted by: Anirevo Staff | July 30, 2018
2018 Activities

Want to purchase some jaw-dropping fanart of your favourite series to decorate those bland walls of yours? Look no further! Come by the vendor hall and check out the amazing works of all the artists at Anirevo 2018.

Full list of artists can be found below:

Artist Alley

Artist Booth
4Foods A53
A Chubby Unicorn P12
Allison W. A104
Andrea L. A72
Angela A8-9
AngelsTale Art A55
angi A142 (Saturday)
Angie W. A23
Annaa X. A14-15
ArtbyJustinPaul A122
Arthur C. P5
Artikuta A74
Azolitmin A5 (Saturday)
Baylee Jae Art P40
Bears A22
Blanca T. P2
Bonnie Tang P10
Boss#3 A30
BottleWonderland A42
Brandon B. A126
Brett A50
Brian Hoang Illustrations A1
Brian L. A112
Brownrabbits P37-39
ButtonMasherMob A97
Buy Our Prints A95
Candelicious A144 (Sunday)
Candy Punk A76
Cara D. A80
CASE Boutique A96
ChannelSQUARE! A12
Chelsea Gunn A140 (Sunday)
Chibi Studio Inc A7 (Friday)
Chris Hong Art A36
Christine P. P26-28
chungsi A143 (Sunday)
Chunxue W. A115
Cloudkourin A43
Cosmic Spectrum A37
CWilock A105
Dave D. A82
Derek W. A87
dunderella A143 (Friday)
Elizabeth Feng A4
Elizabeth Ferris A121
Elspeth M. A120
Emi Lavoie A127 (Friday)
Emily M. A19
Euthanasian & Travelling Orange A46
Fi A81
Frances P. A118
Fuwa A21
Genice C. A60
Gillian Newland A83-84
Glorian T. A130
Gluestick A10
hazel cheng illustration A142 (Sunday)
Hino A141 (Sunday)
Horse Fiddle Press A91
Hugz4kidz Guild A134
Ice Dragon Collection A141 (Saturday)
Icetea A47
Ikkoros P3
Inteyr A28
ItsMengo A11
Ivycdraws A31
Jakface A79
Jalbhenn A33
Jasmine L. A129
Jeileen Illustration A142 (Friday)
Jelly Ultra A32
Jessica M. A106
jiuge illustration P11
Jobie H. A124
Johnni Kok Illustration P8
Jonathan Tiong A144 (Saturday)
Judy J. A85
Julia K. A114
Kaho And Fishbacon A24
Kawaiiboku A63
Kawaiiboku P32
Keimi A70
Kim & Brett A64
KimikoYuki A5 (Friday)
Kings Must Rise P16
KL A66
KOO A141 (Friday)
Krispy! A48
Kurot A116
KuroTorii A59
Lackless A78
Laura Rivera Art A6 (Sunday)
Leira Z. A34
Lindsay I. A54
Lisha L. P31
LostandFoundcharms A93
Maggie W. A68
Mallius A99
Marnie G. A102
Maxx Merch P6
Medical Whiskey A27
Meowpo Tofuu A135
Metal Core Collectibles A108
Milkyvenus A65
Minsgraph A139
Miooo A41
MioooDesigns P21-23
Mister Shiroi A145 (Friday)
MoonBee A73
mt door A110
Nano Angels P9
Nashira S. A89
Nasus’ Art A49
Natashia H. A137
NayukiDraws P34
Neko planetarium A127 (Saturday)
Nicole Desy A7 (Sunday)
Nijuukoo A17
Nikufei A100
Noisywyvern A144 (Friday)
None A133
Nonomononano A71
Paperbeatsrock A39-40
Peace In Dragons Sculpting A136
Pearllyc & Kumama A3
Phoebe J. A111
Plieades A145 (Sunday)
Pocket City A6 (Friday)
Potato Productions P22/P24
Pure Snow A44
Quirkilicious P25-27
Qwq A25
R-Trigger Art A61-62
Rachel P. A117
Ranked51 A127 (Sunday)
Raquel T. A138
Rawry & Pohly P13/P15
Rebecca L. A88
Redundantz Art A45
Rei A18
RiceGnat A26
Rosemary T. P7
RoyalEventide And Jobofish A75
Rtil A13
Ruby Art A119
Sabrina O’Donnell A113
Sam Kalensky A107
San K. A67
Self Order A92
Shake the Sunrise A16
Shane S. A101
Shania W. A132
Simart A125
SmallRiniLady P33
Smashalash A58
SnowConeLab P20
Sole owner P18
Squire Sword Standees A128
Stephanie K. A20
Stephology P1
Studio WL P29-30
Sugarnyo Heaven A143 (Saturday)
Susan L. A90
Sushiboiiyy A29
Susy H. A123
TeaTime A103! P4
The New Meme A94
Ticking Hearts A56
Tobias D. A131
Trong H. A86
Tsunyandere P36
Urmom Isa Boss A6 (Saturday)
Vanilla Cherie A77
Whut*Nani A5 (Sunday)
Yasmin Arts A51
YUKINNN A7 (Saturday)
Zearyu A52
Zzyzzyy P17/P19


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