Music holds a special place in NaOH’s heart, shaping her journey from a young age. From singing along to anime opening songs during her magical girl anime-filled childhood to her teenage years playing in a band, and later, dancing the night away in Tokyo’s electrifying club scene, music has been a constant source of joy and inspiration for her.

Through her experiences at nightclubs, NaOH discovered the magic of DJs and their ability to transport listeners through different genres, eras, and cultures. In 2017, she brought her passion to life by opening Reanistar, and less than a year later in 2018, she made her DJ debut, marking the beginning of an incredible musical journey.

Since then, NaOH has curated and performed at a myriad of events, showcasing her love for pop, rock, and EDM, while also incorporating a wide range of music, from nostalgic 80s anisong to the latest VTuber hits!

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