AniRevo Play’s Gaming Room

We will be having several games for everyone to play during the con. Need some downtime? Waiting for your next panel? Want some Streetpasses on your 3DS? Come by and play! Please note that consoles do take priority on tournaments so we cannot guarantee all consoles to be available at all times. Join Vancouver Street Battle, and Canadian Joysticks in the Games Room for the tournaments at AniRevo 2018!

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Anime Revolution Pokemon Battle Challenge

Hey there Pokemon Champions,

You have played the games, watched the show, bought the cards even. We’ve all wished we had our own pokemon and that we could set off into the Pokemon world to compete, collect badges, and destroy team rocket to become the champion.

Well guess what? Anime Revolution is bringing this dream to life!

Anyone who attends the convention and has anything from a Nintendo DS to a 3DS can join in on our Pokemon Master Challenge!

For rules and details, check out the Event Page and Forum Discussion.