Artist of the Week – Belle Lin

And our twelfth Artist of the Week is: Belle Lin!

With this dazzling piece we couldn’t refuse! Congratulations Belle, you can check out more of her work at her Deviant Art page and come and say Hi at the Artist’s Alley!

Artist’s Comment: Drew this during a depressing moment in time; rather than holding this pain, it’s better to just ‘Let it go’~


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Promo Video: The 404s – Improv Comedy


Improv Comedy Workshop
Friday, August 17, 2012 @ 8:30-9:30pm
Location: Panel Room #1

Anime Improv with the 404’s
Date/Time: Saturday, August 18, 2012 @ 2pm – 3pm
Location: Panel Room #1

Anime Improv After Dark With The 404’s
Date/Time: Saturday, August 18, 2012 @ 11pm – 12:30am
Location: Panel Room #1

Anime Improv With The 404’s
Date/Time: Sunday, August 19, 2012 @ 3:30pm to 4:30pm
Location: Main Events Room

About the 404s

The 404s – Improv ComedyThe 404s, the world’s finest Geek Improv Troupe has become a warm fixture in conventions across Canada, asking for only the attendance and laughter of those who dare to join their audience (which, they assure us, is not to be used for some kind of ritual).

Providing their infamous improvised comedy set, The 404s touch on many subjects such as Pikachu’s birth name, the philosophy of giant robots, class structure in Super Mario Bros., and many more topics you wish you could get a doctorate in. And, as always, some brave souls get invited to the stage where they are wrapped up in a web of bizarre lies and betrayal that they label comedy.

To that end, all are invited to behold this unyielding juggernaut of funny people with odd habits as you watch the conception of a thousand new internet memes, each too beautiful for this world!

Announcing Anime Revolution’s 3rd Cosplay Event

Cosplay Fashion ShowAnime Revolution’s Cosplay Fashion Show will be back for its 3rd and FINAL performance! This will be our longest show yet (3 hours!) So get ready to enjoy another FREE performance!

Location: Summer Night Market (Close to IKEA in Richmond)
Date: Aug 3rd, 2012
Time: 8pm-11pm

Map to Summer Night Market

If you would like to participate in our cosplayers lineup, please join the Facebook Event page! You can also invite your friends to the event there.

Check out our promo video from the previous 2 cosplay events:

Also check out the AR Event Gallery for pictures of our previous events.

Panel Highlight: Sailormoon 20th Anniversary Panel

Sailormoon 20th Anniversary Panel

Celebrate everything that is the wonderful world of Sailor Moon in this very special panel, featuring voice actors from the English dub, song numbers, including a special performance by Irulanne, visuals and all sorts of other fun stuff!

Location: Main Events Room
Date/Time: Saturday, August 18, 2012 from 10am to 12pm

Our Sailor Moon guest lineup consist of:

Check out our Guest Listing page to learn more about our guests.

Voting for “Make SenMei Fabulous (Fan Art)” Contest

Senkaku Mei Fan Art Contest bannerSubmission for our Senkaku Mei Fan-Art Facebook Contest is now over, and the judging panel have selected 13 finalists. It’s now public voting time!

Check out all the 13 finalists of the SenMei Fabulous Contest.

Facebook account is required to vote.

It is now up to YOU to determine the Grand Prize & Second Place winner! Vote, vote, vote!

「11 to Midnight」 to Perform at Anime Revolution

11 to Midnight LogoAnime Revolution wouldn’t be complete without some Japanese Rock performance! Luckily, 11 to Midnight, a local Vancouver band, will be lending their unique sound for your enjoyment on August 18th, 2012 in the Main Events Room. Before they hit the stage though, Rewrite Jr. will be opening up the concert for 11 to Midnight. Performance will start at 8:30pm and end at 9:30pm.

Rewrite Jr. is made up of two artists, Sho and Sayaka. This local acoustic group of two will make their debut on the Anime Revolution stage!

11 to Midnight was formed in March 2012 by Marc, Spencer, Yuki and Isaac (bass, drums, vocalist, and guitar respectively). Since then, they have kept going strong by producing three originals titled “Promise”, “Solitude” and their newest song, “Kimi”. When asked to define their music style, the band describes it as unique and that they don’t follow any trends of other musicians but themselves. The members of 11 to Midnight firmly believe in their own style and sound and they make the best out of it.

11 to Midnight will be performing their three original songs as well as two anime song covers at Anime Revolution. Here’s a hint, two words: Fullmetal Alchemist.

Here’s a little preview of what to expect on the night of August 18th:

Follow and learn more about 11 to Midnight on their Facebook page: 11ToMidnight.

Artist of the Week – Yui Zhang

Congratulations to Yui Zhang, aka miooo, for making Artist of the week.

Did you know that Yui created one of Anime Revolution’s original mascot designs (cheerleader girl)? Check out the amazing original artwork she did:

Original Artwork by Yui Zhang - Anime Revolution 2012

Artist’s Comment: This piece is one of the drawings I did for my original game series, The Contract. The main atmosphere of this project is gorgeous and mysterious. In the story, this character is from an ancient family who work as guardian of the forbidden magic.

Booth: #304


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Introducing Boriz Safi as AR Dance MC

Boriz Safi, aka Daydreamer, will be hosting the Anime Revolution Dance (formerly known as the Revolution Rave). He will be MCing and also performing at the dance.

An annual attendee of Vancouver Anime Conventions, MC Daydreamer is known for his work on novelty songs such as ‘Shawty’s Over 9000’ where he featured the voice of Brian Drummond in the music video, as well as his online hit ‘YouTube Girl’ which was shared by YouTube celebrities such as bubzbeauty and hotforwords. He is an accomplished MC having had residency MCing regularly at Fabric and Gossip Night Clubs throughout the years as well as MCing/hosting celebrity events.

Check out the videos below from Boriz:

Shawty’s Over 9000

This is a cosplay-related music video for as well as a feature from Brian Drummond (who voices Vegeta in the Ocean Dub of Dragonball Z) in the song.

Parental Advisory Explicit lyrics
This video contain content that is inappropriate for viewers under 18.
YouTube Girl

The online hit that was shared by YouTube celebrities such as bubzbeauty and hotforwords.

YouTube: Daydreamer & BB & G-Wize

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Artist of the Week – Megan Leppington

One month left everyone! And to celebrate we have our tenth Artist of the Week: Megan Leppington!

She has a ton of amazing work available both online and at the AR Artist Alley. Come and check out her booth and show your support for all our amazing Artists!

Artist’s Comment: This was a commission I did awhile back. It was a huge challenge for me as I normally don’t draw animal/anthro themed works. I spent more time on the clouds than I would like to admit, but pretty happy with how it turned out. I hope ya’all enjoy it <3


*disclaimer – we are NOT anime evolution