Toru Ikejiri joins team AniRevo

Posted by: Anirevo Staff | November 15, 2013
2014 News & Updates
Press Release

A message from our President:
It brings me great pleasure to have Mr. Toru Ikejiri join our team. One of the constant hurdles we face putting on this show are the cultural barriers that we face as a North American convention communicating with Japan. As such, having Mr. Ikejiri, (with his wealth of experience and knowledge) stationed in Japan will undoubtedly bridge that gap and bring Japan even closer to us. 

About Mr.Toru Ikejiri:
Mr.IKejiri has been in the business for over 20yrs acting as International Entertainment Business Management – Japan Culture & Japan Content Consultant.

He has been a Business Adviser to the President and CEO of SPJA,INC,2010.
He succeeded in bringing attractive Popular Entertainment Performers such as:
AKB48,SOPHIA, Kamen Rider,Japan Academy Award Movie Musical Kisaragi,Saki Aibu,Anime Bleach and Voice Actor Mr. Masakazu Morita, RSP etc, to Animation Expo 2010.

A Message from Toru Ikejiri:
I can’t wait for the day AR presents Brand New Japanese Culture to Canada and All Over the World!



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