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AMV Contest (PG) – Got a talent for editing? A passion for chopping together your own fan-made videos of your favorite anime? Want to show off your awesome video for an audience? Enter our AMV contest and submit your best anime fan-vid for a chance to win fun prizes! [More Info]

Cosplay Contest (PG) – Dress up as your favorite anime/manga/comic/game character and strut your stuff for fun and prizes! We’ll have everything from Japanese Schoolgirls to Robots to Superheroes! The only limit is your imagination! Even if you don’t have a costume, feel free to come down to cheer for your favorites and take plenty of pictures! [More Info]

Idol (PG) Hosted by Jeremy Androsoff and Mark Nguyen – Love to sing? Want to do it for a crowd? Then come on down to Anime Idol! You’ll get to perform your favorite tracks from your favorite anime, up on stage and in front of cheering fans! Judged by experienced singers and voice actors, you’ll get feedback on your performance and you might even win a prize! Even if you’re not a singer, come be part of the audience and cheer for your favorites! [More Info]

Struggle Tournament (PG) Hosted by Jim Soo – The Foam Sword Duels tests your luck and reactions with a rock-paper-scissors (RPS) type of system: slash, strike, and pierce (SSP). There are three phases to each duel relating to a different element: luck, reaction, and then battle.

The panel is based around a 13 point system where a point is rewarded for each successful “hit”. The time limit for each battle will be anywhere between 3-5 minutes. Players are supplied with a foam sword and a shield before the battle begins. Pictures will be supplied at a later date as examples of what the event will look like. [More Info]

Moe-Est Cosplayer (PG) Hosted by Amanda Teoh – Can you moe moe kyun kyun your way to the top? This contest will put the adorable in a competition to find AR’s most Moe cosplayer/lolita/trap. Contestants will walk on stage and show off their cute outfit and looks, soon to be followed by a talent proportion, and question and answer proportion in order to win the hearts of our judges and audience. [More Info]

Swimsuit Contest (18+) – Summer’s here, which means it’s swimsuit season, even for Anime fans! If you’ve got it and want to flaunt it, we’ve got a treat for you! Come take part in our Swimsuit Contest, where you can show off for a cheering crowd! We’ve got a talent portion, Q&A period, and of course swimsuits! The contest is open to men and women, so bring your best beach bod down and give the audience something to remember you by… [More Info]

The Walk-Off (PG) Hosted by Arash Azizzadeh – That’s right ladies and gentleman, Walkoff is back after it’s long hiatus from 2009. A crowd favourite since its humble beginnings in 2003, Walkoff has made the crowds cheer, gasp and laugh, supplying amusement and memories for all attending until making it’s final show at Sakura-Con in Seattle, Washington.

And now it’s back for you… This year… It’s Walkoff 2012: Veterans Vs Newbies! A popular theme since Walkoff had veterans! For 3 days 8 Walkoff Stars from the past will come back to do battle with 8 Newbies! They’ll strut there stuff Zoolander Style, pound their chests and dance like madmen to win the favour of the judges and the audience to determine who deserves the title of King of Bishounen! [More Info]

Voice Actor Idol (PG) Hosted by Brendon Mar – Can you be the next voice actor/actress for Anime Revolution and square off against your competitors and do a whole scene doing voices for different characters? You will be put to the test as we will supply you with scripts from various shows if you don’t have one already and want to be put to the challenge!

Worst Cosplay Contest – “We, the Spanish Inquisition, present to you a new brand of Cosplay contest, a contest for the hot glue gun Master, the duct tape Messiah, and the tragically beautiful. So if you believe you represent the best of the worst come and compete for the mediocre title of “”Worst Cosplay””.

Exhibit Rooms

Anime Viewing Room -Wanna take a break from all the excitement and just chill out inside, maybe watch some anime? We’ve got you covered! Our viewing rooms will be running new, popular, and classic anime movies and shows for you to check out! Drop in whenever you like and watch your favorites, or check out something new!

Artist Alley – Want to pick up some sweet art for yourself or a friend? Well, nothing beats an elf princess riding a crystal dragon over a rainbow in space! …Okay, so I can’t guarantee you’ll find that, but some of the artwork we’ve got here will blow your mind! Fantasy, sci-fi, anime portraits and even some sweet jewellery and shirts, all available for purchase! We’ve got dozens of talented local artists for you to check out, so come on over and browse the alley!

Gaming Lounge

Maid Cafe – Conventions can be hectic, stressful events sometimes. Don’t you just want to sit down with some friends and have a light, peaceful conversation over some tea, maybe a biscuit? Then enjoy our Maid Café, where you can do exactly that! Remember, when in doubt, pinky out!

Vendor’s Hall -Wanna buy some awesome anime, manga, games, toys, costumes, props, and other assorted merchandise? Then you will definitely want to check out our Exhibitors Hall!

Interactive Events

11 to Midnight Concert (PG) Hosted by Savannah Scott – Our first band for our inaugural year! Come and check them out and enjoy some fantastic local music! [More Info]

70’s Anime Dating Game (18+) – If you look back at 70’s dating game there is the one looking for “”love”” and behind a wall/curtain are four contestants. You ask 5 questions (anime-raunchy based) and the contestants would give the most desirable answer they can. After five questions the one looking for love decides who they want to “”date”” and they also see who they choose! It’s tons of fun and lots of laugh, the whole audience gets into it – and since it’s 18+ sexual innuendo is expected, but nothing too off the charts! [More Info]

Anime Art Wars (PG) Hosted by Rebecca Lin – Participants are shown a picture under a certain time limit. Whoever replicates it the closest within that time limit wins. This activity focuses on detail replication where pictures come in easy, medium and hard levels. Three minutes are allotted for easy pictures, five minutes for medium and seven minutes for hard.

Anime Debate (PG) CANCELLED Hosted by Dan Twedt – Edward Elric or Vash the Stampede? Mario or Link? Pirates or ninjas? Have you ever wanted to debate a popular anime subject? At Anime Debate, you can do exactly that. Fans will get to debate various topics that range from the popular to the more unique and the audience will get to vote on which choice is best.

Anime Improv with the 404’s (PG) Hosted by Mark Nguyen & The 404’s – The classic anime improv that’s popular at anime cons around the world! With the help of the audience, AR staff, and the people who came to the earlier workshop, the 404’s will craft a unique, hilarious improvised comedy show where the audience’s suggestions power the performance.

Anime Improv After Dark with the 404’s (18+) Hosted by Mark Nguyen & The 404’s – It’s anime improv after dark! When the sun goes down, the gloves come off. In a completely different improv show, The 404’s and the audience will create even more comedy gold where no anime stereotype and no fanfic writer’s dream is safe from an improvised skewering. This will be an R-rated show! Look for special guest Doug Walker (That Guy With The Glasses) to join in to the raunchy fun!

Anime Jeopardy (PG) Hosted by Alex da Silva – The Anime Version of the hit game show, Jeopardy! [More Info]

Anime Speed Dating (18+) Hosted by Rocky Buckland – The room is set up with either 15 small tables seating 2 people each, or several long tables where two people can face each other from opposite sides. Upon entering the room, each person is assigned a number or a letter (for males and females). After which, each of the female participants will take a seat, either at one of the small individual tables or along one side of the long table. The male participants will then take their seats adjacent to one of the female participants. Each participant will be given a piece of paper with numbered/lettered spaces to take notes on each person they meet. [More Info]

Anime Speed Dating “Gentlemen Only” (18+) Hosted by Rocky Buckland – The room is set up with either small tables seating two people each, or several long tables where two people can face each other from opposite sides. Upon entering the room, each person is assigned a number. Each participant will be given a piece of paper with numbered spaces to take notes on each person they meet.

Before each date, the host will determine pairings according to a pre-determined algorithm. A whistle/bell/person will signal and a 3 minute timer will be set. During those three minutes, each couple will talk to each other about themselves, touching on personality, likes/dislikes, etc. When the time elapses, the whistle/bell/person will signal the end and the host (me) will determine new pairings according to the sequence. (One participant will have to sit out per round, and the total number of participants must be an odd number, which may sound confusing, but mathematically it was the only efficient option.) [More Info]

Anime Speed Dating “Ladies Only” (18+) Hosted by Rocky Buckland – The room is set up with either small tables seating two people each, or several long tables where two people can face each other from opposite sides. Upon entering the room, each person is assigned a number. Each participant will be given a piece of paper with numbered spaces to take notes on each person they meet.

Before each date, the host will determine pairings according to a pre-determined algorithm. A whistle/bell/person will signal and a 3 minute timer will be set. During those three minutes, each couple will talk to each other about themselves, touching on personality, likes/dislikes, etc. When the time elapses, the whistle/bell/person will signal the end and the host (me) will determine new pairings according to the sequence. (One participant will have to sit out per round, and the total number of participants must be an odd number, which may sound confusing, but mathematically it was the only efficient option.) [More Info]

Animusica ~A Jpop & Anime Concert~ (PG) Presented by Irulanne – With more than fifteen years of singing Jpop and anime songs behind her, Irulanne is well known around the internet for her distinctive and powerful voice. Over the years, she has recorded over a hundred songs and performed live at many anime conventions and Japanese cultural events, making her one of the most respected veterans of amateur Jpop and anime singing. Among her other achievements, Irulanne created Otakuthon Idol in 2007 and Anime North Idol in 2011 and will return once more to Toronto in 2012 as the director of Canada’s biggest jpop idol singing competition. Irulanne is proud and excited to be part of Anime Revolution as a performing guest and idol judge. Don’t miss her special live performance at the convention!

Charity Auction (PG) – An auction benefitting the BC Children’s Hospital! Come on out and bid on some fantastic stuff and help out sick children in the process!

Dance: 1000 Revolutions (PG with curfew) – What’s better than a good old fashioned rave dance party? Well, maybe anime of course, but either way, you can have both with 1000 Revolutions! Anime music in a dance party setting deep into the evening/night! [More Info]

Movies Everybody Disagrees with You On (PG) Hosted by Doug Walker – Have you ever had that movie you love but everyone else hates, or that movie you hate but everyone else loves? Well now’s your chance to make your voice heard! Join Doug Walker in discussing what and why certain films get more attention than others should, and see if your movie is celebrated or despised as much as you think!

Name that Anime Tune! (PG) Hosted by Kimberly-Anne Cipriano – Think you know that song name? Test your skills to become the ultimate Anime Tune Champion!

Ripped (PG) – Based around the combination of the cooking competition Chopped and cosplay sewing competitions, Ripped is a competition where cosplayers are given a basket of random material that they must use in order to create a cosplay within a 2 hour time limit. Cosplayers will be tested on their sewing skills and creativity as they battle against the clock in order to become the Ripped champion. [More Info]

Starlight Cosplay Masquerade Ball – Come one and all; be swept away, into an evening of romance, mystery and intrigue! Come on out and dance in this elegantly themed starlight masquerade in honor of Sailor Moon’s 20th Anniversary! It’s not SPECIFICALLY Sailor Moon oriented, but we figured why not throw an ethereal ball for those of you who like to slow dance and mingle in a romantic setting? What is more divine than a dance near the ocean under the stars? You don’t need a dance partner, you might find one waiting for you there! Please remember, masks are mandatory! You don’t want to give away your secret identity after all! But, if you don’t have one, never fear, we will have a limited amount at the door, but please come prepared! [More Info]

Story Story Die (PG) CANCELLED Hosted by Dan Twedt – In this game, people will take turns improvising a crazy anime story. Anyone who has trouble coming up with something will be eliminated and have to act out a dramatic death.

The Rowdy, Raunchy, Rickety River Raft Ride (18+) Hosted by Jessica Mok – Gather, fans of yaoi. Together, we shall experience a wonderful story of friendship, love and vengeance. We shall cast away our pride, dignity and our differences to aid these heroes in their mystical journey down the white water.

Werewolf: Anime Edition (18+) Hosted by Megan Fenkhuber & Pierre Coueffin – Werewolf: Anime Edition is an interactive game of deduction for two teams: Villagers and Werewolves. The Villagers don’t know who the Werewolves are, and the Werewolves are trying to remain undiscovered whilw they slowly pick the Villagers one at a time. A Moderator (who can be any player) “runs” the game, facilitating each stage of Werewolf: Anime Edition. You will get the opportunity to play as iconic anime and game characters such as: Ash (Pokemon), Suichi (Gravitiation), Mori (Ouran), Alucard (Hellsing), San (Princess Mononoke), The Heavy (Team Fortress 2), and many many more!!

Industry & Fan Panels

1 Comic, 1 Hour (PG) CANCELLED Hosted by Amanda Teoh – Based on Scott McCloud’s 24 hour comic day challenge, this panel is a competition on who can create the best [or at least most entertaining] comic within one hour. All ages are welcome to enter!

The participants must create a comic with a minimum of 5 pages [10 maximum], with 3 required character traits, items, scene or theme. All 3 requirements will be announced during the briefing at the beginning of the competition, all of which will be randomized.

This competition is looking for not only a talented artists, but creative minds to put together an interesting story and/or idea. [More Info]

AlbinoBlackSheep: When Flash Ruled the Internet (18+) Hosted by Adrian Simeoni – Remember what the Internet was like back in the days before YouTube? No? Well then, you’re most likely too young to be attending this 18+ panel. For the rest of you, take a step back in time with us as members of Cosplay Victoria’s panelist team explore the most hilarious videos of the past and present from the popular Flash website,! (Or die trying!) [More Info]

Aniplex Industry Panel (PG) Hosted by EJ Rivera – From the company who brought you the best in Anime including Durarara!!, Fate/Zero, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Gurren Lagann and Blue Exorcist to name a few. Ask any fan to name his or her favorite anime show and chances are likely that it’s an Aniplex produced show. From the Latest Anime to Special Announcements, come and see what Aniplex of America has in store for 2012. Join us as we talk about their current works and answer your questions. There will also be some special giveaways including rare items from Japan. [More Info]

Anime 5 Minute Pitch (PG) Hosted by Brendon Mar – Prepare to laugh and be entertained as we challenge you, the fans, to come up with a 5-minute pitch for a new anime or manga concept! We’re looking for the wackiest and most interesting ideas. You’ll have 5 minutes to pitch your idea to our panel of judges, and prizes will be awarded for your hard work! So put down that nutty idea that you’ve had in your head and bring your characters, your plot idea, and main concept to an audience!

Con Etiquette (PG) Hosted by Tanner McColeman – Back by popular demand! Learn to do things you were never properly taught to do! Showering! Basic social conduct! Not taking photographs in the middle of the hallway so the rest of us can still use it! Bring your friends, some strangers, and even that creepy guy that gave you his email address and won’t leave you alone. No seriously, bring him along. You will be doing everyone a favour.

FUNimation Industry Panel (PG) Hosted by Sarah “Sully” Sullivan All the latest news from FUNimation Entertainment, one of the leaders in Anime in North America!

FUNimation Production – Behind the Scenes Panel: How Your Anime is Made (PG) Hosted by Sarah “Sully” Sullivan Join Sully as she takes you on a journey behind the scenes of the dubbing process, DVD & Blu Ray and mixing processes.

FUNimation Sneak Peek Panel (PG) Hosted by Sarah “Sully” Sullivan Sully takes us on an extended look at some of FUNimation’s hottest new titles and other great FUNimation related stuff coming soon!

Let’s Nico Nico Zero! (PG) Hosted by Anthony Low – Jump into the world of the Nico Nico! Originaly the Japanese video website Nico Nico Douga, get to know what Nico Nico and its group of websites has to offer. We’ll start off with a quick history (like sm9), then do a whirlwind tour of the multitude of services from its parents, 2ch’s Hiroyuki and DWANGO Co.. After we’re through with that, we’ll get to the main event: broadcasting live to the world with Nico Nico Namahousou! Sing, dance, show off cosplay, read the live comments, and have lots of fun!

Pokemon Theories (PG) Hosted by Tanner McColeman – Pokemon makes no sense. Monsters in tiny balls that only say their own names? We will have an open discussion on the leading theories trying to rationalize that which we cannot comprehend. Is Ash in a coma? Are Pokemon and Digimon really the same thing? Is cubone actually kangaskhan in disguise? All this and more at the Pokemon Theories Roundtable.

The Seriously Ridiculous Dub-bashing Palooza of Pure Insanity Show (18+) Hosted by Jeremy Androsoff and Pure Insanity Enterprises – This ridiculous raucaus show is a paradoxical parody of mind numbingly insane proportions! Jeremy will be performing several of his parody songs relating to the state of anime and the industry, and also poke a little fun at fandom in general. So, if you want to know what Nyan Cat and Nicki Minaj have in common, check us out! If you have a hatred for all things 4KIDS and enjoy Beyonce, give us a gander! If you ever wanted to slap some annoying anime characters in the face while listening to Rihanna, our show is where it’s at! Plus, watch a few skits performed by the Kamloops Anime Club a.k.a. Pure Insanity Enterprises! [More Info]

Sailormoon 20th Anniversary Celebration (PG) Hosted by Jeremy Androsoff – Celebrate everything that is the wonderful world of Sailor Moon in this very special panel, featuring voice actors from the english dub, song numbers, including a special performance by Irulanne, visuals and all sorts of other fun stuff! [More Info]

Studio Ghibli Panel (PG) Hosted by Troy Cybak – History of Ghibli, Hayao Miyazaki, Isao Takahata. When was the formation of the film animation studio? Why was Miyazaki animation works mostly influenced by European cities and back ground story lines…? What inspired him to do cell animation and keep with this style of animation compared to using todays modern computers. What are the common themes that strongly resound in their films, etc. [More Info]

That Guy with the Glasses Q&A (PG) Hosted by Doug Walker – Have some aching questions for the near sighted one himself? Well now’s your chance to ask! Join Doug Walker as he answers all the questions you have about his characters, the website, or Channel Awesome!

The Brony Panel (PG) Hosted by Mark Nguyen – Yes, he’s in his thirties, a husband, a father, and a HUGE fan of the new “My Little Pony” series! Mark created and hosted the standing-room-only Brony panel at Animethon last summer, entitled “My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: A Twelve Step Program” and will bring the latest version of it to AR.

The Bright Side of Jouji Nakata (PG) – Come enjoy the comic relief of Giroro from Sgt. Frog and all the other good guys Mr. Nakata’s has voiced. From Sket Dance, Solty Rei and Working!! to Peace Maker Kurogane, Naruto and Tales of Abyss… Can it get any crazier than this? And just maybe, you’ll get to hear him talk like a sultry woman (Momoko from Shangri-La) or a sexy man (Mr. Big from Sex and the City)!

The Dark Side of Jouji Nakata (PG) – Come explore all the dark secrets of Mr. Nakata’s best villains from Fate/Zero and other Type-Moon works. Not to mention One Piece, Blood+ and his antihero, Alucard of Hellsing. And don’t forget Mr. Nakata’s antivillains from Gankutsuou, Escaflowne, and Blue Seed! Now, Gyuuki-sama (Rise of the Yokai Clan) and Serizawa-sensei (Hakuouki Reimeiroku), which side are you on?!

The History of Anime on Canadian TV (PG) – Did you know that Canada had its own version of Astro Boy? Or that Cutie Honey aired in Quebec in the 80s? Anime has had a very long and unique history on Canadian TV. Jesse Betteridge, creator of “Zannen, Canada” and “Sitting on an Atomic Bomb” will explore everything from Captain Harlock to Bionix and beyond.

The Life and Work of Sugar Lyn Beard (PG) Hosted by Sugar – Sugar is synonymous with YTV’s THE ZONE, having hosted it for 7 years! But did you know that she was also on a radio show before that? That she made a parody of EMINEM’s song “The Real Slim Shady,” called “The Real Sugar Baby?” She voiced Sailor Chibi Moon in the Sailor Moon English dub, but what else has she been up to since moving on from YTV? Find out more about one of Canada’s sweethearts in her very own panel!

Transformers Timeline (PG) Hosted by Spencer Wilson – Transformers Origins. How they came to be and what came before. What happened to Transformers after the movie and why does there seem to be so much Awesome Japanese items that never made it to North America.

Vocaloid 101 (PG) Hosted by Adrian Simeoni – Bringing the vocal-synth goodness to Anime Revolution’s inaugural year, Cosplay Victoria’s panelist team explores all things Vocaloid! From Vocaloid’s humble beginnings as a vocal synthesizer to the rise of the program’s characters as international icons, Vocaloid brings an entirely new experience to the world of virtual instruments! Whether you’re completely new to the world of Vocaloid or have been following it since the first generation, this is one panel that you won’t want to miss! (Or die trying!) [More Info]

Weiss Schwarz Card Game (PG) Hosted by Chuan Yun Loe – This panel will introduce a new anime-based card game called Weiss Schwarz to the public..

What The Hell Is So Funny (18+) Hosted by Doug Walker – Learn from internet hit Doug Walker (aka The Nostalgia Critic) all the various types of humor you can use in filming, performing, or just everyday life. Ask questions, perform sketches, and discover your inner funny bone.


Asian Ball-Jointed Dolls Intro & Meet-up (PG) Hosted by Hilary Janzen – The first part of the panel would be an introduction to Asian ball-jointed dolls. There would be a powerpoint accompanied by a speaker giving a brief history of the dolls, information on how to buy and care for one, important terms, what the community is like, and how to interact within it. Following this, people could mingle, talk about dolls and take photos.

Cosplay Haters (PG) Hosted by Fighting Dreamers Productions – This panel discusses how to deal with harassment while cosplaying in public, unsupportive parents and trolls online. We look into a way to cope with negativity in the cosplay community and outside of it.

Cosplay on a Budget (PG) Hosted by Fighting Dreamers Productions – Shortcuts, tips and tricks for making your cosplay budget stretch as far as possible. Inexpensive and easy ways to make components for cosplay without breaking the bank.

Cosplay Skits & CMV’s (PG) Hosted by Fighting Dreamers Productions – We cover the making of cosplay skits and CMVs. Using our own skits and CMVs as examples we run through the basic making of different types of skits/CMVs (funny, serious ect) and we cover improv and scripting.

Gunpla: How to Build Mecha Models (PG) Hosted by Nick McLean – An introduction to the world of Gundam models (Gunpla) and mecha modeling. This panel covers a brief history of mecha, introduction to the different kinds of kits, and techniques for beginner to intermediate modelers. Hosted by a panel of mecha modeling veterans from the Vancouver Mecha Modeling Club, “Vanpla.”

How to Wear Yukata (PG) Hosted by Samantha May – Learn the basics on how to wear Yukata in this informative workshop panel!

Intro to Sewing for Cosplay (PG) Hosted by Krystal Frizzell & Mariko Yoshimura – For people interested in starting their first cosplay to seasoned sew-ers, this panel will have something for everyone. Covering things from design interpretation, pattern alterations, fabric selection, sewing, and ironing, this panel will have lots of quick and easy tips for a professional looking finish to your costume.

Improv Comedy Workshop (PG) Hosted by Mark Nguyen (and perhaps the 404’s) – In this special improv workshop, Mark takes fans through the basics of improv comedy, from saying “yes” to everything through some of the popular improv games. Some of the attendees will then be invited to form Anime Revolution’s first improv team, which will help Mark entertain at the “Anime Improv” performance later on!

Living, Studying and Working in Japan (PG) Hosted by Samantha May – Want to stay in Japan as more than a tourist? This panel explores popular programs for working, studying and other ways of living in Japan for people of all ages and educational backgrounds. A JET (Japan Exchange and Teaching) Programme alumni who is also currently a Japanese Government (MEXT/ Monbukagakusho) scholarship recipient will give you the ins and outs and be available to answer your questions. Information materials provided, but please bring a pen to take down notes.

Let’s Run A Panel! (Because I Said So!) (PG) Hosted by Adrian Simeoni – Panels – They can be informative, entertaining, or just plain silly. Run by fans, for fans, panels give people an opportunity to share their own unique common interests and even discover new ones. But, just what makes a panel a panel? Join us as members of Cosplay Victoria’s panelist team attempt to answer this very question! (Or die trying!) [More Info]

Let’s Talk Props (PG) Hosted by Jim Soo – This is more of a discussion where everyone can ask questions and help people than a panel. People that are looking to get tips on making different types of props can come here to learn new techniques and gain new insight about cheap ways to make props.

Let’s Write A Fanfic! (Or Die Trying!) (18+) Hosted by Adrian Simeoni – Are you the type of person who enjoys staying up late at night, imagining the possibilities of the romance that may ensue between your two favourite characters? Well, “romance” won’t be the only thing ensuing at this late-night event! Come join members of Cosplay Victoria’s panelist team as we, with the help of audience suggestions, try to produce some of the best, but most likely resulting in the worst, fanfiction possible, and then conclude the event with a dramatic reading of the resulting story! (Or die trying!) [More Info]

Paigee Draw (PG) Hosted by Paige Rohrick – 17-year-old Paige Rohrick is the creator of PaigeeDraw, a community dedicated to learning how to draw Manga / Anime. She has created several World Wide Top 100 Education applications on iTunes such as PaigeeDraw and ChibiDraw that have both been featured as the #1 App on Apple’s New and Noteworthy release. Her app teaches its readers how to draw with step-by-step instructional video slides on Apple’s iPhone and iPad. In such a short amount of time since its release, PaigeeDraw has gathered over 100,000 followers on Facebook. Paige teaches people how to draw anime/manga characters and chibis in this panel, utilizing an app she created to help do so.

Parkour On & Off Screen: A Workshop Panel (PG) Hosted by PKSY Crew – The purpose of this panel is to help bring to attention the emerging use of parkour in games and media, and to translate how it changes from the way it is in real life, to how it’s depicted. This “translation” also gives curious people an insight into the world of parkour and gives them a taste of it in a small demo workshop. People can benefit from this in different ways. For one, it is just a fun activity people can learn and do things with. Secondly, if anyone is interested in learning more, they can join our program. Lastly, for cosplayers in particular; they can build a little skill (like some do with “tricking” and martial-arts) towards being used in their photography. It gives them a little more zest to portray their shots more realistically. Parkour is an emerging art/discipline, and it is also emerging as a feature or theme in media. This is a panel of both discussion and workshop working with that idea.

So, You Want to Make Indie Games…? (PG) Hosted by Paul Wang – An overview of the ins and outs of developing independent games for PC, focusing on the development process, the realities of getting your game published, basic publicity, introductory tools for the beginner and getting started with or without financial backing.

Wig Styling (PG) Hosted by Fighting Dreamers Productions – This is a basic “how to” for wig styling, cutting and prepping. Step by step on styling a spiked wig as well as coverage on more complicated wig maneuvers (using wire, extensions, bathroom sealant).


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