The 404s Return to AniRevo 2013

The 404s are delighted to be coming back to Anime Revolution! Founded in 2003, they are celebrating TEN YEARS of improv comedy at anime conventions, and bringing the party to Vancouver!

If you aren’t familiar with 404s’ brand of anime improv, definitely check out at least one of their shows on the con weekend. Every show is unrehearsed, unpredictable, unrepeatable, and influenced by YOUR suggestions and participation! The 404s will create comedy scenes based in your ideas, combined with their improv know-how and anime fanboyisms. The result is comedy that will have you laughing like crazy and knowing why The 404s pack rooms at fandom events around Canada and in the States!

See you as we celebrate a decade of improv awesomeness at the 404s Anime Improv shows, Improv for Otaku workshop, and the Anime Celebrity Jeopardy gameshow! And remember, your participation powers the show!


Promo Video: The 404s – Improv Comedy


Improv Comedy Workshop
Friday, August 17, 2012 @ 8:30-9:30pm
Location: Panel Room #1

Anime Improv with the 404’s
Date/Time: Saturday, August 18, 2012 @ 2pm – 3pm
Location: Panel Room #1

Anime Improv After Dark With The 404’s
Date/Time: Saturday, August 18, 2012 @ 11pm – 12:30am
Location: Panel Room #1

Anime Improv With The 404’s
Date/Time: Sunday, August 19, 2012 @ 3:30pm to 4:30pm
Location: Main Events Room

About the 404s

The 404s – Improv ComedyThe 404s, the world’s finest Geek Improv Troupe has become a warm fixture in conventions across Canada, asking for only the attendance and laughter of those who dare to join their audience (which, they assure us, is not to be used for some kind of ritual).

Providing their infamous improvised comedy set, The 404s touch on many subjects such as Pikachu’s birth name, the philosophy of giant robots, class structure in Super Mario Bros., and many more topics you wish you could get a doctorate in. And, as always, some brave souls get invited to the stage where they are wrapped up in a web of bizarre lies and betrayal that they label comedy.

To that end, all are invited to behold this unyielding juggernaut of funny people with odd habits as you watch the conception of a thousand new internet memes, each too beautiful for this world!

Mark Nguyen, and Irulanne and Fighting Dreamers Productions

We have some more confirmed guests for you. Fighting Dreamers Productions has been moved from Pending to Confirmed and we are proud to introduce Husband Wife combo: Mark and Irulanne!

Mark Nguyen Best known as part of fandom’s best-known improv team “The 404s”, Mark has been an influence in anime fandom since the early ninties. In addition to heading up hilarious improvised comedy shows at anime and fandom events around Canada, Mark has also held such diverse titles as Master of Ceremonies, convention Chairman, Gundamaniac, and Brony. He’s delighted to be coming to the first Anime Revolution, where you’ll find him hosting an event or two, sitting on a panel or three, and of course leading a group of fans, staff and guests in an epic anime improv performance where your participation will power the show!
Irulanne With more than fifteen years of singing Jpop and anime songs behind her, Irulanne is well known around the internet for her distinctive and powerful voice. Over the years, she has recorded over a hundred songs and performed live at many anime conventions and Japanese cultural events, making her one of the most respected veterans of amateur Jpop and anime singing. Among her other achievements, Irulanne created Otakuthon Idol in 2007 and Anime North Idol in 2011 and will return once more to Toronto in 2012 as the director of Canada’s biggest jpop idol singing competition. Irulanne is proud and excited to be part of Anime Revolution as a performing guest and idol judge. Don’t miss her special live performance at the convention

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Fighting Dreamers Productions is an experienced and talented cosplay group based in Vancouver. Founded in 2007, their projects range from photoshoots to music videos to comedy skits. With over 18 million views on their YouTube channel and nearly 200 thousand views on DeviantArt, they are rising stars in the cosplay community and regular guests of local anime conventions.