Are you interested in getting a photo WITH one of our guests? If so, you’ll need to purchase a PHOTOBOOTH ticket. Here is some important information you need to know before purchasing:

*note* – please be respectful of our guests’s personal space. If you are not sure, please ask first. Any that do not follow this rule will be permanently banned from our convention.

How much is the ticket?


Where can I buy it?

Exhibition Hall B / Vendor Hall – AniRevo Vendor Booth

When can I buy it?

Friday – 10am-6pm
Saturday – 10am-6pm
Sunday – 10am-3pm

How many can I buy?

A maximum of 1 per guest (unless otherwise stated).

How long is it valid for?

Valid for all days of the con – for the session you purchased.

Does this guarantee me a photo?

As long as the guest is still available and scheduled, yes.

What happens if the guest leaves the session and I'm unable to get my photo?

In the rare situation that your photo session is unable to be fulfilled due to our error, we will refund you the price of the photo.

I missed my session, is my ticket transferable to another guest?

No, each ticket is locked to each guest for the day you choose.

Can I return my ticket?

All sales are final. No returns or exchanges.

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What is AniRevo?

Short for Anime Revolution, AniRevo is a three-day convention hosted in the Vancouver Convention Center, Canada. Catering to a wide range of activities, exhibits, panels, and performances. These include art, animation, comics, costuming, cultural displays, dance, gaming, musical performances, and others. Our goal is to provide people of all ages with entertainment, education, and cultural exchange.