It’s Tartaglia Thursday! Say Hello to Grifffin Burns at Anirevo 2024!

Posted by: Anirevo Staff | June 13, 2024
2024 News & Updates

Greetings, Travellers! We’re so excited to welcome Griffin to Anirevo 2024!

Griffin is an LA-based voice actor & musician most known for his work as Childe in “Genshin Impact”, Doppio in “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure”, Akira in “Devilman Crybaby”, Tadano in “Aggretsuko”, Muichiro in “Demon Slayer”, Colt Grice in “Attack on Titan”, Shalnark in “Hunter x Hunter”, and many, *many* more!

He loves creating memes of his characters, (most notably of Childe), which have caused quite the buzz on TikTok and Twitter! When he’s not voicing anime/video games, he enjoys singing and playing guitar in his band New New Girlfriend.

Griffin is always down to engage with his fans, so come by and say hi!

Social Media:

Twitter/X: @TheGriffinBurns

Instagram: @mygriffinburns

TikTok: @mygriffinburns



8″ x 10″$60.00 CAD
11″ X 17″$80.00 CAD
Premium (Funko Pops, Swords,
Prop Weapons, Statues, Vinyl
figurines/bases, Trading Cards)
$80.00 CAD
Short quotes [up to 8 words]$30.00 CAD
Long Quotes [9 or more words]$40.00 CAD
Doodle [aside from simple clouds]$30.00 CAD
Selfies$40.00 CAD
Recordings$80.00 CAD
Photo Booth Pricing
$65.00 CAD per Photo



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