Pokemon Gym Leader Challenge 2019

Attention all Pokemon Trainers! Come test your skills in AniRevo’s annual Gym Leader Challenge! Come prepared with your 3DS and Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon/Sun/Moon to challenge our 8 gym leaders in a 3v3 Singles Battle (following Smogon OU restrictions). If you manage to beat them all, you’ll win a prize! They won’t be easy to find though, but if you see a attendee throughout the weekend wearing Pokemon apparel/hat and a Gym Leader armband, feel free to challenge them to a battle! If you’re worried about tracking them down, don’t fret! They’ll also convene on Saturday in the gaming hall from 2-4pm, so if you’re strong you might be able to defeat them all in one go! Do you think you have what it takes to be the AniRevo Pokemon champion?