Volunteers Wanted for KIMONO BIJIN

Do you have a passion for Japanese kimono and accessories? KIMONO BIJIN is looking for a few volunteers to help at their vendor booth at Anirevo 2018!


  • Friday, Aug 3: 11am – 8pm
  • Saturday, Aug 4: 10am – 7pm
  • Sunday, Aug 5: 10am – 5:30pm


  • Applicants who can speak Japanese and English are preferred. 日本語・英語が話せる方優遇
  • Those who have/can wear kimono/yukata are preferred. 着物・浴衣をお持ちの方・着れる方優遇
  • 複数日来れる方優遇
  • 終日OKなかた優遇

Benefits 特典

One-day admission to Anirevo included
Presents from KIMONO BIJIN KIMONO BIJINからプレゼントあり

How Many? 募集人数
4 to 5 people per day. 各日4~5人


Any questions, please email kimonodiscovery@gmail.com.

[About KIMONO BIJIN] KIMONO BIJIN is a social networking site for fans of Japanese culture from around the world; such as kimono, tea ceremony, flower arrangement, calligraphy, and so on.