Narcisse Cosplay Guest at AniRevo: Summer 2017

AniRevo is proud to announce another cosplay guest for AniRevo: Summer 2017, Narcisse Cosplay!

Yuri Narss is a Cosplay Gen Award Best costume Finalist. He tries his best to recreate characters that have had an impact on him, focusing a lot on the Square Enix Universe, spending endless hours to make them feel accurate and “real,” and making them from scratch. He does his own make up, sewing, armour, weapons and wig styling, collaborating with his partner, Lady Zero Cosplay. Together, they never rush making costumes, choosing to take the time and find the best quality materials for the absolute best results.

His Cosplay name, “Narcisse,” is inspired by his favourite character, Kuja, as he likes the arrogance and narcissistic nature of this style of character, while not being arrogant himself as a person.

You can find him on social media sites: