Introducing Our Bandai Namco Guests

Posted by: Anirevo Staff | July 5, 2014
2014 Guests


Atsuo Nakayama
In charge of Studio management at Bandai Namco Studios Vancouver. Atsuo began his career as a corporate strategist at a talent agency. He then moved onto Social Game Marketing at DeNA, after which he became a consultant for the game industry at Deloitte before joining Bandai Namco. He specializes in marketing and game design of Japanese social games, which is exposed in his published book “Why is social game so profitable”. Please contribute to his royalty by purchasing his book!
Jaime Tatsubana
Associate Producer. Jaime is a student at SFU and also works at Bandai Namco. Jaime spent a year and half at EA on the FIFA team before venturing into Japan and working at GREE as an UI/UX designer. Previously he’s worked on FIFA, Metal Gear Solid, and AKB48 franchises. Jaime is often willing to work for alcohol.


Hideki Sato
A Game Director. Hide has been at Bandai Namco for 12 years during which he’s wore many hats. He’s worked on a Tales mobile game as a Director, a Naruto PSP game as a Producer, and he’s even worked in collaboration with Nintendo on a Starfox title. At Bandai Namco Vancouver, he is leading the development of their first title.
Takashi Matsuno
Technology Director at Bandai Namco Vancouver. Taka has contributed to Bandai Namco’s success since it was still just called Namco. For 12+ years, he’s specialized in Linux and AWS server side technologies that fuel our games everyday. Previously he’s worked on Gundam Extreme Versus and Tekken.


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