Production I.G Partners with AniRevo to celebrate the culture of Japan and Japanimation

Posted by: Anirevo Staff | April 29, 2014
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VANCOUVER, BC, April 29th, 2014 – The highly prolific Production I.G has partnered with Anime Revolution Events Inc. for AniRevo Event in Vancouver BC (August 22-24 2014) to support the spread of Japanese culture and Anime. Production I.G’s work list includes popular titles such as: ‘Ghost in the Shell’ ARISE, Attack on Titan, and Kuroko’s Basketball etc.

This year marks the 25th anniversary from the year 1989 when Mr. Shirow Masamune started his series of Ghost in the Shell in the Young Magazine Kaizoku-Ban, and to celebrate, a number of related music events and exhibitions have been slated in Japan. To add to this, at AniRevo 2014, one can expect to enjoy the 25th Anniversary Ghost in the Shell special content including exhibits and showings related to Ghost in the Shell ARISE.

The 25th Anniversary of Ghost in the Shell also coincides with the 125th Anniversary of the Consulate General of Japan in Vancouver, so the Consulate General will also be in attendance to help celebrate this momentous event.

Anime Revolution President Ngo says, “I’m deeply honoured and very excited to have such a world renown Production company partner with us in our endeavours to promote the culture of Japan to the world. I’m also equally honoured to have the Japanese Consulates support for this year’s convention. I can’t wait to share what else we have in store for the fans”.

Comments from President Ishikawa:

“We at Production I.G. are honoured to have this opportunity to help spread animation as part of Japanese culture in Canada.

We hope that this opportunity will bring new discoveries and experiences for people who already enjoy Japanese animation as well as those who have yet to experience the world of Japanese animation.”

Founded in 2011, Anime Revolution Events Inc.’s mission is to celebrate the culture of Japan and connect people through this shared passion.  Anyone can attend Anime Revolution and enjoy an environment for the young and young at heart. Anime Revolution Events Inc., is headquartered in Vancouver BC Canada.



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