Rave-olution Dance MC & DJs Announced

Posted by: Anirevo Staff | August 4, 2013
2013 Programming

The Rave-olution Dance is back bigger and better than ever! This year, MC DayDreamer will be in charge of the dance  and he has personally hand picked a very specific talent roster of DJs for this years dance.

Dance will be held in Ballroom A on Saturday, August 17, 2013 at 10PM till closing time.

MC DayDreamer


An annual attendee of Vancouver Anime Conventions, MC Daydreamer is known for his work on novelty songs such as ‘Shawty’s Over 9000’ where he featured the voice of Brian Drummond in the music video, as well as his online hit ‘YouTube Girl’ which was shared by YouTube celebrities bubzbeauty and hotforwords. He is currently running RobotSex Entertainment, throwing sold out Cosplay events like Love & Cosplay back in February and the recent Cosplay Night In Canada. Daydreamer also founded RobotSexMusic which has been making it’s mark online as well as locally gaining the support of online celebrities such as Peter Chao whose charity event they recently performed for.

This year Daydreamer is in charge of the Anime Revolution Dance via RobotSex Entertainment, handpicking the DJs and their time slots to maximize partying pleasure!

Follow him on Facebook as RobotSexMusic and Daydreamer.

DJ Mikxter


DJ Mikxter (also known as Mike Wong) is a Vancouver born DJ and Defender of the North from House Stark. DJ Mikxter has been working on and off with MC DayDreamer since 2010 for Fantasy and Amour Entertainment at Gossip and Fabric Night Clubs. He also recently DJ’d for Cosplay Night In Canada for RobotSex Entertainment rocking the house at EXP Bar to an overwhelmingly positive response. (Expand bio)



Starcom is an electronic dance duo birthed from two different worlds of music originating from UK and Canada, inspiring to be the next generation of Daft Punk. (Expand bio)

DJ H-Boogie


Into his mid 20’s, he had to adapt to different genres of music from House, Hip-hop, R&B, Reggae, Dance Hall, Top 40, etc… Recently came back from a hiatus and taking crowds by storm. Currently he is working at 4 different night clubs in Honolulu. (Expand bio)



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