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Posted by: Anirevo Staff | November 2, 2012
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Jessica Nigri, convention celebrity and cosplayer, did a special interview for Anime Revolution 2012.

JN: Hey everybody! This is Jessica Nigri at Anime Revolution. We’re here with Hype Life films. I’m interviewing Ronnie.

JN: Just kidding. [laughs]

AR: Jessica, thanks for being here with us. It’s been great, Anime Revolution, we’re on Day 3. So yeah, we’d just like to ask you a few questions about your stay here in Vancouver. Is it your first time here?

JN: Yes, it’s actually my first time here, and I feel like we’re commenting on the Olympics. It’s my first day here in Vancouver, and it’s amazing. It’s really pretty. There’s so much culture here, there’s so many people here wandering around, lots of tourists, and like they had the Olympics here. So it’s definitely got that. I mean there’s the Olympic torch right down there! It’s so cool!

AR: Sweet, so you got to see the Olympics. You missed out on a pretty crazy winter Olympics. But- that’s another story.

JN: Don’t rub it in! Are you really-? We’re like commentating, ‘Don’t rub it in John.’

AR: Well hey. Next time with Jessica Nigri.

AR: So let’s talk a bit about you. Some people in the world out there on the Interwebs, might not know so much about Jessica Nigri here. Tell us a little bit about what you do and why anime conventions are kind of involved in your career.

JN: [whispers] You don’t want to know.

JN: Well, I guess- I’m a huge fan of anime, games, comic books, manga, all the spiel, and sci-fi stuff too. I actually dress up in costumes from the games, characters and everything like that, and I go to anime conventions to cosplay at them and hang out. This convention, I actually did a panel, which is why I am still shaking over. Because it was my first one and I’m- wahhh. But it was really good.

AR: I thought it was great. Panels are awesome because it’s a time for you to connect to your fans, and you have a lot of fans. You had a good- well over fifty to seventy, eighty people, in this one little room. So thought it was good.

AR: For Anime Revolution, we’re on Day 3. Of the three days, what did you really notice or enjoy? Like what was your favourite thing about it all?

JN: My favourite thing easily, is just the response of everyone. Because I have never been an official guest at a convention. So everyone has been so freaking nice. I don’t think- I don’t know how many boxes of Timbits I’ve gotten. But everybody is just super nice, and welcoming and so warm and friendly. And I think it’s just Canada man. You guys are amazing, so.

AR: Actually here’s a question: Since you’ve been to so many different conventions like- I’m guessing a few outside of North America as well?

JN: Yeah, actually I’ve been to one in Japan, and yeah, it’s been cool.

AR: Between the differences in Canadian or I guess even just Vancouver anime conventions versus the ones in the States that you’ve been to. What do you think is the difference between the culture, if there even is a difference?

JN: I feel like, you know it’s always the anime fans and culture is always really accepting and warm. Because everyone is here and partying and having a good time and like- [rambles and laughs]. Sorry.

AR: Everyone is just being themselves, I think that’s party of the culture here.

JN: Exactly yeah, and it’s super awesome. So differences? I think probably just the fact that it’s Canada? And it’s really nice? It’s really nice. You guys are really nice. I don’t know umm- I think maybe in America it’s a little bit more kind of intimidating because everyone is trying to go for the gold. I don’t know if that makes any sense, but-

AR: Yeah, like everyone is about something?

JN: Yeah, like everyone is trying to do their own thing until they get themselves out there. So it’s kind of like that. But here, it’s like everyone is here to have fun. And it is too, because it’s like a small first-time convention so it’s fun and just the anime people are super cool. I don’t know- differences? Maybe?

AR: We’re just nice!

JN: Language? Eh? Poutine? I don’t know.

AR: Poutine. Should get some, it’s more American than Canadian I think. It just seems like something you’d see at a Mcdonalds in the States.

JN: With gravy? Maybe.

AR: Poutine. Cheese. Fries. Gravy. Fattening. Unhealthy.

JN: It’s like nachos.

AR: Yeah good stuff. So, well this will bring us close to the end. Last question is: This is our first Anime Revolution convention. The organizers, first time they’ve kind of had their run at it. Two questions actually, two-part question.

JN: Two part. A-part, B-part, start. Yu-Ri-Pa! Ready! Mission start! Sorry, Final Fantasy there.

AR: What would you say in your opinion, is there anything you’d like to see changes or improve in, anything like that?

JN: For Anime Revolution?

AR: For Anime Revolution maybe next year. I don’t even know if they’re going to do it next year, but as a supporter of the scene. What would you like to see in order to help us grow?

JN: I’d really like to see more guests get on board and help you guys. You know like you guys did a great thing. Like you set everything up, and you guys did an amazing job getting everything together. If other guests and voice actors could come to you and be like, “Hey, I want to come to your convention.” You know, that would be really cool.

AR: That is good. Good feedback. I appreciate that, thank you.

JN: No problem.

AR: Wow, that’s for you Anime Revolution. Last question is: would you come back?

JN: Definitely! What are you-?

AR: I set that one up.

JN: It was like: ‘No!’ [pretends to walk away]

AR: You know what Jessica? Thanks a lot. I know everyone here is getting tired. Day 3 of like- I don’t know. 15 hour days?

JN: I’m not tired, what are you talking about?!

AR: She just has NOS everyday.

JN: Damn you easy booth girls.

AR: But yeah, thanks a lot! Thanks for coming. I’m gonna go for the hug.

JN: Touch.

AR: Peace.

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Websites: & @OJessicaNigri
Interview and video production done by Hype Life Films.



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