Interview with Katie Griffin – Sailor Mars

Posted by: Anirevo Staff | September 7, 2012
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Katie Griffin joined Anime Revolution 2012 as part of a special 20th Anniversary Sailor Moon Celebration Panel. After all, she was the voice of Raye Hino / Sailor Mars.

Check out the following interview where Katie talks about her role as Sailor Mars, and how she got into voice acting.

AR: How are you, Katie?

KG: Hi. I’m fine, thanks. Thanks for having me.

AR: So how are you enjoying the convention?

KG: This is incredible! It’s overwhelming, I’m actually shocked at how many fans are out and have come to see us. And I feel very appreciative. I miss Sailor Mars.

AR: So this is your first convention here?

KG: This is my first convention, and I was mentioning, years ago I went to something in Toronto, but it definitely wasn’t a convention. It was more of an autograph thing, but this is pretty special. It’s pretty amazing.

AR: Yeah, Vancouver seems to have this whole fan-base of cosplayers and anime fans and they just wait for a convention like this to come out. So it’s really great that we we’re able to get the Sailor Moon cast on here.

KG: Yeah, this is amazing.

AR: So how is it like seeing all the cast after such a long time?

KG: It’s been amazing. I work with Susan and Ron all the time. I have a few other shows that I do. So I see Susan and Ron. I haven’t seen Terri in forever, I haven’t seen Sugar in forever, and Vince lives in L.A. I haven’t seen him, but we go way way back. So it’s really really nice. I’m really glad that I got to see everybody, and it’s making me really miss Sailor Moon in a big way.

AR: So previously in the panel earlier today, you mentioned that Sailor Mars was your first voice over?

KG: It was my first TV series voice over. I did a PSA (public service announcement) radio spot, but Sailor Mars was my very first character on a TV series. And my family always says that I’m exactly like her, and because there’s such a back story. I was saying earlier on the panel that there’s such a huuuge back story on each of the characters. Aside from the fact that she’s an Aries. She’s an Aries; I’m a Capricorn. But basically, and she actually likes a weird fish. What does she-? She likes tilapia or something as her favourite food. Which is an odd choice as well. I think it’s tilapia, it’s some sort of fish. But I like pasta, but it doesn’t matter. See I’m rambling, I said I was going to do this.

AR: That’s okay, that’s okay [laughs]

KG: Wrap it up Katie!

AR: That’s great, so then if- prior to having this role with Sailor Mars, you’ve had previous training with voice overs, or doing any kind of like-?

KG: Not really. I’m a singer, but mostly, I mean, aside from voice acting, I’m actually an actor. I’m an on-camera actor. So I do film and television. So primarily before auditioning for Sailor Mars, I was doing you know, movies for the week or little episodic live action and commercials. So yeah, the voice over world was something completely different. Yeah, just kind of a fluke.

AR: And with the new sailor moon series that is coming out. If you were to choose, would you go with Sailor Mars again? Or would you choose someone else?

KG: Sailor Mars, baby.

AR: All the way?

KG: Sailor Mars all the way.

AR: Could we get a battle cry?

KG: Maaars Fireeee IGNITE!

AR: Yeah! That’s awesome!

KG: Thanks.

AR: Alright, just to wrap it up here, would you come again if we had Anime Revolution?

KG: Absolutely! This is now- this is my first convention, so this will be- this is my baby! I love it here, so absolutely. I’d love to.

AR: Something memorable.

KG: Yeah.

AR: That’s great. Well thank you for joining us today.

KG: Thank you for having me. Thanks everybody!

AR: Thank you!

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