2012 Guest Autograph Price List

Posted by: Anirevo Staff | August 12, 2012
2012 Guests
Autographs / Prints

The Sailor Moon Crew
(Terri Hawkes, Vincent Corazza, Sugar Lyn Beard, Susan Roman, Katie Griffin, Ron Rubin)

  • $10 for an autographed print.
  • $7 for a signature on a personal item belonging to attendee, such as Sailor Moon character doll, poster, T-shirt, manga or things from other series that voice actor has been involved with as well.
  • $15 for a signed print plus a signature on another item presented like a toy, poster, t-shirt, manga, etc. ($10 for the print and $5 for the extra item.)
  • Saturday only! $75 for a signed print of all 6 Sailor Moon Voice Actors together (special group picture)!

**Terri Hawkes would like all proceeds from her sessions to go to the Starlight Foundation.**

Sarah Edmondson – $10 for a signed print.

Kristie Marsden – $10 for a signed print.

Matthew Erickson – $10 for a signed print.

Noah Antwiler (The Spoony One) – $5 for prints.

Doug Walker (The Nostalgia Critic / That Guy With The Glasses)

  • $10 for a signed prints
  • $20 for a signed DVD
  • He will sign program books for free.

Irulanne – $5 for a signed print and will autograph program books for free.

404’s – $10 for a signed print and will autograph program books for free.

Jessica Nigri – $10 for prints. No extra charge for autographs.

Sam Logan – Is doing Autographs for free when people buy his stuff at his AA table.

Angela Melick – Same as Sam Logan. She will autograph right at her table too.

Jouji Nakata – No Fee for Autographs.


$30 for a professional and personal print with a guest.



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