We’re Attending Minicomi in UBC

Posted by: Anirevo Staff | July 3, 2012
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We’re going to MiniComi! Will we see you there? If you’re still looking for tickets to Anime Revolution and missed the $60 special, come find us!

What is Minicomi?

MiniComi is a free 1-day artists market event inspired by those in Japan (eg. Comiket). Artists will bring a wide variety of items for sale. This may include self published comics, doujinshi (fan comics), doujinSoft (fan video games), prints, pins, jewellery, plushies and many other creative things. Just like Comiket in Japan, cosplaying is most welcomed! 

When: July 7th, 2012
Where: UBC Student Union Building Ballroom
How Much: FREE!
More Info: HERE 



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