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Posted by: Anirevo Staff | June 7, 2012
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The Powell Street Festival Society and Pacific Cinémathèque are pleased to present the fourth edition of Kibatsu Cinema, a celebration of the odd and the eccentric in Japanese pop culture and contemporary Japanese film. 

————— SCREENINGS JUNE 7-28, 2012 ———————————
Thursday, June 7 @ 7:00pm: Girl Sparks
From dynamic, up-and-coming young director Yuya Ishii, this film is light-hearted and personal, realistic and fantastic. (VANCOUVER PREMIERE!)

Thursday, June 7 @ 8:50pm:
 Battle League Horumo
An adaptation of the best-selling fantasy novel by Manabu Makime, a phenomenon among the young and picky readers of Japan. (VANCOUVER PREMIERE!)
Thursday, June 14 @ 7:00pm: Yuriko’s Aroma
This black comedy asks: where do we draw the line between normal desires and ones that will jeopardize everything? (VANCOUVER PREMIERE!)

Thursday, June 14 @ 8:35pm: Happily Ever After
This visually striking dark comedy follows the exploits of Yukie Morita, a devoted wife, and Isao Hayama, her boorish, unemployed ex-gangster husband. (VANCOUVER PREMIERE!)

Thursday, June 21 @ 7:00pm: Summer Time Machine Blues
Youthful energy collides with the theory of relativity in a exhilarating and uplifting comedy about time travel from mega-hit maker Katsuyuki Motohiro. (CANADIAN PREMIERE!)

 Thursday, June 21 @ 9:00pm: Hikari + Mariko Rose the Spook
The work of Devi Kobayashi, a leading figure in the Japanese independent film scene, makes its Vancouver premierewith these two comic films.

Thursday, June 28 @ 7:00pm: Tokyo Oasis
The latest from the production teams and casts responsible for Kamome Diner and Megane. (NORTH AMERICAN PREMIERE!)

Thursday, June 28 @ 8:40pm: Abraxas
The story of a punk rocker turned Zen monk struggling with personal demons while those around him are healed in mysterious ways. (VANCOUVER PREMIERE!)

—————TICKET INFO———————————
Pacific Cinémathèque $10.50 Adult Single Bill / $12.50 Adult Double Bill / $9.00 Students & Seniors Single Bill / $11 Students & Seniors Double Bill / For more information, visit or call 24hr Film Infoline: 604 688 FILM

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