Blue Dragon Ral Grado

Posted by: Anirevo Staff | November 14, 2011
Manga Reviews

From the illustrator of Death Note, Obata Takeshi brings life to Blue Dragon Ral Grado, which is now also available on the Nintendo DS and Xbox 360 re-drawn by the creators of dragon ball Akira Toriyama. In the world of Blue Dragon Ral Grado, there exist creatures called Kage. The Kage are from another dimension. They say that God has kept Kages in the darkness due to their evil nature.

These creatures have no solid bodies. They’re monsters that live in the darkness.  However after many years, the Kage have managed to enter the world of light, through the shadows of creatures living close to darkness. Therefore allowing their appearance to form from the shadow of its host; hence giving them the nickname “Shadow”.

The story starts off with our protagonist Ral and his Shadow the blue dragon Grado imprisoned together in the deepest, darkest dungeon where no light can reach by his father the king since birth. One day, when rampaging Shadows besieges the castle, his personal educator Mio releases him to protect the castle and repel the Shadows, hence starting his adventure.  With only 29 issues in this manga, it is a very quick read. Nothing is over stretched and the author gets to the point. The concept is unique and the drawings are nice. I give this manga a 5/5.




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