Anime Review: Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai

Posted by: Anirevo Staff | November 7, 2011
Anime Reviews

Who’s ready for some tsundere and moe action from this all in one pack newly released anime? I began this series while browsing through a stack of Japanese light novels and the title obviously caught my attention. Who names a series “I don’t have many friends”? was what I thought.

So, curiosity getting the better of me, I picked up the novel and began reading…For a series with a protagonist who has no friends (literally), the storyline and everything was actually pretty well done. Especially with the well-timed relationship building. The interesting and most importantly, unique character traits, got me completely addicted to it. Before I knew it, I was waiting for the next release ever so impatiently. After watching the first episode, I noticed that they did some tweeks here and there with the storyline but nothing major was really left out or ruined. It still gave me the feeling that I first got while I began the series and the characters still strikes me interesting. If you’ve got some time to spare from homework, work, chores, this is a must watch for all of you (especially you harem loving) comedy,  romance, and school life  loving fans out there.



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