A.R.T! – Anime Reviews Today – Yakitate Japan

Anime Revolution is adding a segment to our website labeled ART! This is a chance for us to help promote Anime and give our thoughts on some not so mainstream/popular Animes that are currently out there. To kick off this segment, here is our first piece of ART!

While going through my catalog of Animes I wanted to review, I stumbled upon this little gem. Yakitate Japan is a light hearted comedy about young Azuma on his quest to create the perfect “pan” (bread) for Japan. Written by Takashi Hashiguchi, Azuma and friends fight through numerous battles in kitchen stadium. They laugh, they cry, they fight, they parody, they do it all in this anime. So if your tired of watching those stressful “save the world” type Animes, give this 69 episode series a chance.