It’s back! By popular demand we are bringing the Pokémon gym leader challenge back to anirevo. Bring your 3DS and your best team to take on our gym leaders and battle your way to the top!


How to Participate:

All attendees that wish to participate in the event must have an Anime Revolution 2016 badge visible. Participants must also have their own 3DS/2DS and a copy of either Pokemon X, Y, Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire. All gym leaders and Elite four will be roaming the the Vancouver Convention center on Day 1 and will be identifiable by their armband so make sure you keep a lookout for them!

General Rules:

1. Participants must have an Anime Revolution 2016 badge visible in order to battle.
2. Participants may challenge all Gym Leaders and Elite Four once per day. This is to allow everyone a turn to battle and for Leaders to enjoy the other events going on during the convention.
3. There is a maximum time limit of 10 minutes per battle. Exceeding the time limit results in a victory for the player that has the least amount of fainted Pokemon or whichever Pokemon has the most HP if there are only 1 Pokemon left for each player.
4. There will be 8 Gym Leaders, 4 Elite members and 1 Champion for 2016. Just like the video games, In order to challenge the Elite Four you are required to have all 8 gym badges.
5. In addition, challengers may choose which Gym Leader they want to battle first and once a challenger has obtained all 8 badges, can challenge any Elite four member in any order.
6. Please keep in mind that all Gym Leaders and Elite Four are AniRevo attendees just like you. We have things we want to see, so note there will be times when we’re not able or willing to accept challengers. In general, leaders will remove their armband when they’re not accepting challenges.
7. All Gym Leaders and Elite Four are all volunteers and are trying to make this experience fun for you. We would appreciate it if you would return the favor.
8. Just to keep in mind, the Event Organizers will be overseeing the event. If we see that there is misconduct during the event, we will intervene and issue a warning. If a challenger receives multiple warnings, that person will be unable to participate for the duration of the event and in extreme cases will have their Anime Revolution badge confiscated.
9. Also, if the organizers feel that there is a need for more Leaders during the convention they will step in and challengers will be notified on the Facebook group and AniRevo Twitter of their involvement.
10. We will be using the “Battle with Someone Nearby” IR connection option. This will automatically level Pokémon down to level 50 if they are above, and, unlike in previous gen games, it WILL level your Pokémon up if they’re below level 50. So you can use whatever Pokémon you like!

Detailed Rules

1. Game type: Challengers must own a either a New 3DS, 3DS or 2DS and have a copy of Pokémon X, Y, Omega Ruby, or Alpha Sapphire to participate, as all our gym leaders will be using X, Y, Omega Ruby, or Alpha Sapphire. If you are using a copy of Pokémon X or Y, let the leader know before the battle so he/she/they can set a team up that is compatible with your game.
2. Gym Leader/Elite Four Identification: Leaders will be identified by an armband.
3. Battle Type: Unless otherwise specified by the leader, all battles will be single battles played on IR, or local Wireless (GTS->Battle->Battle with Someone Nearby)
4. Species clause: A player’s team may not contain two Pokémon with the same National Pokédex number.
5. Item clause: All Pokémon on a team must hold different items.
6. Sleep Clause: You may only sleep one of your opponent’s Pokemon at a time. You may not intentionally sleep an opposing Pokemon while one on their team carries that status. (Using Rest still triggers this Clause)
7. Evasion clause: A player cannot increase their Pokémon’s evasion stat with a move that specifically increases evasion. Items or indirect boosts do not break this clause.
8. Endless Battle clause: Any moveset on any Pokémon that is capable of intentionally causing an endless battle is banned.
9. Speed Boost Blaziken: No team may contain a Blaziken with the ability Speed Boost.
10. Limited Pokémon: There may be only 1 of any of the following Pokémon on any team:
* 151 – Mew
* 251 – Celebi
* 380 – Latias
* 381 – Latios
* 385 – Jirachi
* 485 – Heatran
* 488 – Cresselia
* 490 – Manaphy
* 641 – Tornadus (any Forme)
* 642 – Thundurus (any Forme)
* 643 – Landorus (any Forme)
* 647 – Keldeo
* 718 – Zygarde
* 719 – Diancie
* 720 – Hoopa (Confined Forme)
11. Banned Pokémon: The following Pokémon may not be on any team:
* 150 – Mewtwo
* 249 – Lugia
* 250 – Ho-Oh
* 382 – Kyogre
* 383 – Groudon
* 384 – Rayquaza
* 386 – Deoxys (any Forme)
* 483 – Dialga
* 484 – Palkia
* 487 – Giratina (any Forme)
* 491 – Darkrai
* 492 – Shaymin (Sky Forme)
* 493 – Arceus
* 643 – Reshiram
* 644 – Zekrom
* 646 – Kyurem (any Forme)
* 649 – Genesect (any Forme)
* 716 – Xerneas
* 717 – Yveltal
* 720 – Hoopa (Unbound Forme)
* 721 – Volcanion
12. Banned Mega Stones: Kangaskhanite, Blazikenite, Gengarite, Mewtwonite X, Mewtwonite Y, Mawilite, Lucarionite, and Salamencite are not allowed as held items.

These rules are based off of the Official Play! Pokemon VG Rules and PAX Pokemon Rules. While some of you may disagree with some of our rules we felt that this current ruleset is the best for this year’s event. However we will continue to take feedback from the everyone to make sure that the rules stay fair for both Challengers and Gym Leaders. We hope that you will enjoy our rendition of this year’s League Challenge as much as we do! We’ll see you in August!

What is AniRevo?

Short for Anime Revolution, AniRevo is a three-day convention hosted in the Vancouver Convention Center, Canada. Catering to a wide range of activities, exhibits, panels, and performances. These include art, animation, comics, costuming, cultural displays, dance, gaming, musical performances, and others. Our goal is to provide people of all ages with entertainment, education, and cultural exchange.