Overview of Application:

If you wish to apply for a press badge and press credentials to cover Anirevo, you must complete the full application by July 23, 2021. All applicants must provide the following:

    • Example coverage of previous Anirevo events or other similar events
    • Government photo ID
  • The ability to prove reader or viewership of website/newsletter/social media hubs

Anirevo may request for additional information if needed.

General Criteria:

    • For Print Media, the publication must have a minimum of 2,000 circulation per issue. Smaller publications will be considered at Anirevo’s discretion.
    • For web media, there must be at least 3,000 hits per month and at least 1,000 unique visitors per month.
  • Press badges will not be granted to cosplay photographers or photo gallery websites. Unless photographers have registered as event volunteers, they will be considered as attendees.

Please also note the following when submitting your application:

    • Press badges are limited. There will be a limit of one press badge per organization. Extra press badges will be given only to applicants who can provide a demonstrated need for more.
    • All press badges are complimentary.
    • Anirevo may at any time revoke press badges. Lost or stolen badges will be dealt with on a case by case basis.
    • Press badges are not to be sold, transferred, or duplicated. Badges found tampered with will result in a permanent ban from the convention.
  • All press members must submit their coverage of Anirevo once completed. Failure to do so will affect the applicant’s future opportunities to receive press credentials for Anirevo.
    • Any press member who was approved in a previous year is not guaranteed approval for the current year.
  • Applying for a press badge does not guarantee a press badge.

Overview of Privileges and Limitations:

Press badge credentials will provide the following:

    • Access to guest interview sessions (subject to guest availability and restrictions)
    • Advanced access to Anirevo related news and upcoming plans
  • Access to Press-only seating (subject to availability and room capacity)

Press badge limitations:

    • Press badges do not include any meals, travel expenses, or hotel accommodations
  • The interview room is only accessible to Press during guest interviews. Any additional uses will need to be approved by the Director of Communications.

Guest Interview Requests

All press members who are interested in interviewing guests must first receive approval for a press badge. After receiving approval, there will be a guest interview RSVP form emailed to approved press members. The interview schedule will be provided closer to the time of the convention.

During Japanese guest interview sessions, a Staff Interpreter from Anirevo will be available to provide translations where needed. Please note that Anirevo Interpreters will not act as hosts or interviewers for any press organizations; they are available to provide translations only.

Press are asked to refrain from requesting autographs or personal photos with guests during interview sessions. Photos of guests to accompany coverage are sometimes allowed, subject to the guests’ availabilities and time constraints. Guests reserve the right to deny photo and/or videos during all interview sessions.

Interviews with Anirevo Staff, Exhibitors or Attendees:

Interviews with attendees, exhibitors, or Anirevo staff do not require appointments. Please be respectful of those who do not wish to be recorded or interviewed.

Final Notes:

    • All approved press badges must be worn at all times during the convention
    • Anirevo may request to see photo ID at any time
    • Recipients of press badges must not share or sell their badges
  • Only approved applicants will be contacted
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