Press Registration

Media & Press Policy

Overview of Application:

To apply for press credentials and “cover” Anime Revolution, applicants must meet the following set of requirements (please note that Anime Revolution may request for additional information should we require):

  • Examples of coverage of similar events
  • Government photo ID
  • The ability to prove reader or viewership of website/newsletter/social media hubs

Anime Revolution may at anytime revoke or limit the amount of press badges you will be given. Lost or stolen badges will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

There will be a limit of 1 complimentary press badges per organization. Press badges are not to be sold, transferred, or duplicated. Badges found tampered with will result in a permanent ban from the convention. Applicants must submit coverage details of Anime Revolution once completed. This submission may be in the form of a blog, vlog, website, or article.

Overview of Privileges and Limitations:

Press badge credentials provide the following:

  • Where possible, press interview with guests
  • Advance access to Anime Revolution related news and upcoming plans
  • Access to Press only seating (subject to availability and room)
  • Scheduling interviews with guests via our Assistant Director of Programming (subject to guest availability)

Press badge limitations:

  • Usage of our press badge means that you have agreed to all of our terms, conditions, and policies
  • Press badges do not include any meals, travel expenses, or hotel accommodations

How to Schedule an Interview:

Please wait for approval from our communications director, Stephanie Dinh before scheduling an interview.

To schedule an interview with an Anime Revolution guest, you must contact our Assistant Communications Director (after approval)

Scheduling an interview does not guarantee a time slot with our guest. Anime Revolution will submit the request and if successful, we will contact you with the room number and time of interview.  Due to possible scheduling conflicts, guest availability, and various time constraints, we ask that Press and Media avoid asking for personal autographs or pictures during the interview. In addition, we recommend showing up early to the interview to avoid delays.

Interviews with Anime Revolution Staff, Exhibitors, or attendees:

Interviews with the general public, exhibitors, or Anime Revolution staff does not require an appointment. Please be respectful of those who do not wish to be recorded or interviewed. If you wish to use the Celebrity interview room, please notify us ahead of time to coordinate the reservation.

Final Notes:

  • All approved press badges must be worn at all times during the convention
  • Anime Revolution may request to see photo ID at any time
  • Recipients of press badges must never share or sell their badge
  • Only approved applicants will be contacted
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