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**Last Updated: Jun 30, 2022**

Anirevo always strives to ensure the safety of our guests, staff, volunteers and attendees. Given the ongoing pandemic situation, Anirevo Summer 2022 will have the following policies:

  1. Attendance is at participant's own risk - though Anirevo will do our best to prevent the spread of COVID-19, please be aware that we cannot entirely eliminate this risk
  2. Attendees should not attend Anirevo if they test positive for COVID-19, or otherwise have any COVID-19 symptoms
  3. All attendees must wear a mask covering their nose to chin at all times inside the convention centre, unless they have a valid medical exemption
  4. Children 6 and under are exempt from the mask requirement
  5. Guests, staff and volunteers may remove masks while performing or running a panel - please be aware of this
  6. Masks may be briefly removed to eat, drink and pose for photos, following which they must be worn again
  7. Please maintain physical distancing if you do remove your masks while indoors
  8. Anirevo and the Vancouver Convention Centre will continue to monitor advice from Public Health authorities, and these policies are subject to change up to the date of Anirevo Summer 2022

Please continue to check back here for the latest updates to this policy.