We’d like to introduce our newest product: the ANIREVO EXPRESS TICKET. As a compromise for those that wanted something in between a general badge and a premium pass, we now have our express ticket. In a nutshell, each ticket you purchase will allow you to zoom to the front of any autograph line.

How much does an Express Ticket cost?

$10 (Maximum of 3 per attendee)

Where can I buy the Express Ticket?

Exhibition Hall B / Vendor Hall  – AniRevo Vendor Booth

How many can I buy?

You may purchase up to 3 express tickets. You may only use ONE per guest.

Is there a limit to how many Express Tickets are available for purchase?

Yes, we will only have a limited supply of express tickets. First come, first serve. Once we are out, we will not sell any more.

Does my Express Ticket guarantee an autograph?

No, it does not. However, it greatly increases the chances of getting an autograph. Autograph sessions need to end as scheduled. If you purchase an express ticket 5 minutes before the end of the session for guest A, we cannot hold the guest there to fulfill all the sold Express Tickets.

What can I do if I missed the autograph session I was looking for?

Express Tickets are not locked to one particular guest. If the Express Ticket has not been redeemed yet, you may use it on any other autograph line.

Is there a time limit on the express lane?

Yes, express tickets can only be used within the first 30-45min of an autograph session. After that, we will close the express lane until our next session starts. We will close the express lane based on demand of the day.

What is the expiry date on the Express Ticket?

Your Express Ticket is only valid for the duration of the convention where it was purchased.

How does this affect/work with the premium pass?

Premium pass holders are not required to purchase an Express Pass. A Premium pass allows you to bypass any autograph line – ONE time per guest.

Premium Pass vs Express Ticket, who goes first?

Premium pass holders will be given priority first.

Can I refund Express Tickets?

All Express Tickets sales are final. No exceptions.

Are Express Tickets transferable?

Yes, if you bought too many, you can give them away to someone else (that has a valid pass to the con).

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What is AniRevo?

Short for Anime Revolution, AniRevo is a three-day convention hosted in the Vancouver Convention Center, Canada. Catering to a wide range of activities, exhibits, panels, and performances. These include art, animation, comics, costuming, cultural displays, dance, gaming, musical performances, and others. Our goal is to provide people of all ages with entertainment, education, and cultural exchange.